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Submissions February 27, 2011

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For some odd reason, every time I type submissions I want to type “submisiions” instead…strange….

Well, the subject of today actually is submissions. In the past two weeks, I have submitted works to ECC, First Circle (my school’s lit magazine), and Calliope, Mount Union’s Lit magazine. I only submitted poetry though, because I don’t have any prose to submit right now, which kind of annoys me. I want to be a prose writer….what is happening to me?????? Am I suddenly turning into a poet? scary thought, that…..*

It will be interesting to see if I get in and what gets accepted. I also submitted some photos to Calliope, since they accept art submissions. I doubt those will get in, not because they aren’t cool photos, but because I probably formatted the submission wrong, and if the submission is sloppy, things get dismissed quicker. We shall see….

In other news, I leave for choir tour on Thursday. Should be interesting. The highlight is that I am going to see Million Dollar Quartet on Broadway! For only fifty dollars! In the seventh row! I am quite excited, as I’ve never seen a broadway show before, and somehow I managed to score very reasonable tickets. I will definitely be writing about my New York theater experience.

I’m also getting very excited for my trip to New Mexico (which, consequently, is right after my trip to New York….lots of “news” for me…haha sorry that was a bad pun). I’ll be leaving next Wednesday, which is my birthday, and staying until Sunday. I can’t wait to see what my new home is like, because hopefully I will be moving there at the end of August. So much travelling, I don’t know where to begin with all of it.


*Say that last sentence with a British accent, and it will make sense…I’ve been watching/reading too much Harry Potter lately

Did you know????

Windows Live Messenger has a feature where the person you are chatting with can remotely access your desktop  (but only if you want them to.). This is super handy if something breaks, and you are not as computer literate as your tech-savvy brother who fixes computers is, and you need him to try and extract files for you so you don’t fail your senior portfolio. Or, if you want to play a practical joke on someone and convince them your computer has a mind of its own. Either way, it’s pretty nifty!




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