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Hey, It’s a Story! With Pictures! March 21, 2011

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As promised, my travel writing piece! Click here to check it out!!!!!

Five Fantastic Vistas


Many thanks to Heather Hughes, the editor of the section, for sending me the pdf!


Did You Know????

Toledo used to be the capital of Spain during the reign of Ferdinand and Isabel. This is probably why the medieval part of the city is so cool! Also, Toledo, Ohio’s newspaper, The Blade, is named after Toledo, Spain, because they are famous for their folded steel swords. Two free pieces of information!

If you want to read more about Toledo, here is the Wikipedia page!




Today I… March 18, 2011

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1. …washed some clothes.

2. …got a Kindle in the mail

3. …downloaded about 30 free books, including all 14 of the Oz books.

4. …went to Chipotle with some crazy fun musical man-friends

5. …made colcannon and Irish soda bread.*

6. …read Matt Mikalatos’s blog and watched a Youtube video of Predator: the Musical


*If you don’t know what colcannon is, look it up!


Did You Know????

It cost about 4 dollars to make a whole pot full of colcannon. 4 dollars!!!!!! for tasty goodness! For the slightly less ambitious people out there, here is a link to what it is!



Travel Writing March 16, 2011

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One of my stories was published in my school’s newspaper! It takes up the entire back page of the edition, and it includes five color photos. This is my first journalistic publication, which is exciting, though honestly, it is kind of a boring article, since it is just a round up story about vistas in Toledo, Spain. It is good experience though, and definitely good practice because round-ups are good sellers. I was going to link the newspaper’s site to the blog……but the site is kind of lacking in the content department, so I’ll keep working on that. I might just end up posting it on here directly from my files, but it would be nice to do it more officially. Anyway, it’s a nice resumé builder and it has some great pictures.


So. Much. Travel.

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Seven states in a week and a half. I think that my brain almost exploded a few times. There is just way too much to process. I need a break from Spring Break, and apparently so does everyone else on my campus because I have not seen one person who wasn’t extremely tired and/or sick. Maybe we are all just getting old.



Newspapers and Nate the Reluctant Tuba-Playing Gyspy March 1, 2011

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First–One of my travel writing pieces is appearing in my school’s newspaper, The Black and Magenta. WOOHOO!!!!!! I really like this piece. It was a round-up piece on some great vistas in Toledo, Spain, and submitted photos too, which are also appearing. I am broadening my publishing sphere, yay!

Second–Today I verbalized a story inspired by my friend Nathan. The main character in this story is named Natjcevik (Nate for short). He is a Romanian gypsy, from pre-Victorian times. (Is pre-Victorian an actual historical period???). He plays the tuba in the back of his gypsy wagon, but he hates being a gypsy, unlike his tambourine-playing sister, Nadia and his happy drunk father, Norman. So instead of living unhappily, he steals his father’s button-box accordion and travels to England where he eventually becomes a semi-respectable blacksmith. This story will probably never be written…but it was a fun little exercise, coming up with a character. My equally crazy friends are usually good for this kind of stimulation of my imagination. But, who knows? Maybe Natjcevik will show up someday in print….

Is it Natjcevik and Nadia as young children?

Third–I have officially started working on my senior seminar. Today I got six books from the library about the form and theory of the novel. Hopefully this means I will become an expert and be able to write novels like nobody’s business. At least, that is the lofty goal.



Did You Know???

At Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio, There is a castle and medieval village where you can stay. They also have gypsy wagons. I really want to live in a gypsy wagon for a short time in my life.

Here’s the site for the castle!