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Newspapers and Nate the Reluctant Tuba-Playing Gyspy March 1, 2011

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First–One of my travel writing pieces is appearing in my school’s newspaper, The Black and Magenta. WOOHOO!!!!!! I really like this piece. It was a round-up piece on some great vistas in Toledo, Spain, and submitted photos too, which are also appearing. I am broadening my publishing sphere, yay!

Second–Today I verbalized a story inspired by my friend Nathan. The main character in this story is named Natjcevik (Nate for short). He is a Romanian gypsy, from pre-Victorian times. (Is pre-Victorian an actual historical period???). He plays the tuba in the back of his gypsy wagon, but he hates being a gypsy, unlike his tambourine-playing sister, Nadia and his happy drunk father, Norman. So instead of living unhappily, he steals his father’s button-box accordion and travels to England where he eventually becomes a semi-respectable blacksmith. This story will probably never be written…but it was a fun little exercise, coming up with a character. My equally crazy friends are usually good for this kind of stimulation of my imagination. But, who knows? Maybe Natjcevik will show up someday in print….

Is it Natjcevik and Nadia as young children?

Third–I have officially started working on my senior seminar. Today I got six books from the library about the form and theory of the novel. Hopefully this means I will become an expert and be able to write novels like nobody’s business. At least, that is the lofty goal.



Did You Know???

At Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio, There is a castle and medieval village where you can stay. They also have gypsy wagons. I really want to live in a gypsy wagon for a short time in my life.

Here’s the site for the castle!



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  1. Lindsey Says:

    I have now read all your blog entries. That is all. 🙂

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