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A longer article this time April 7, 2011

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Here is my travel article! it is on the second half of the page, though by all means, read the first half as well! I had to write a destination piece for my class, but as always, I had to give it my own spin because I just couldn’t pick one destination.

When Travel Becomes the Destination

Once again, thanks to Heather for emailing the pdf!

In other news…we had a reading today for our literary magazine. One of my poems, “Nozomi” is going to be in this year’s edition. It is pretty exciting, because I never expected this poem to be published, and it has a really cool story behind it, which I will share in my next post.


Did You Know????

There is a TV show called Shedding for the Wedding that I have inexplicably become obsessed with. I started watching it with my friend Lindsey after Bible study and I LOVE the final two couples. I think it is my new guilty pleasure show. It is really encouraging to see these couples turn their lives around. Anyway, that wasn’t a very didactic tidbit, but I thought I should advertise it a little.


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