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Poetry does strange things to people April 21, 2011

Filed under: General Blog-tastic Writings — Dorothy Lynn @ 3:56 pm

For example, before I took this creative writing class, I was pretty much convinced that I didn’t have much potential as a poet. I also was convinced that I probably wasn’t ever going to be good at writing poetry. But now, as I am going through all of the poems that I wrote this semester (for this class at least), I am realizing that I have some potential here. And also that I wrote a stinkin’ lot of poems. (About twenty)

I really love poetry now, and I really love that it helps me to organize my thoughts and emotions into something concise and powerful (even if it’s powerfully silly…). After I’m done revising my portfolio, I’ll post a couple of the poems here.

Did You Know???????
About Narrative Magazine? It is an online literary magazine that has submission contests, excerpts from contemporary writers, poems of the week and fun writing puzzles. It is a great place for writers and/or literature lovers to go and spend some time. (I like how I’m talking about a website as if it were a coffee shop…) They are free, but there are paid subscriptions as well that allow you even more access to writing resources. It’s pretty darn nifty. (Nifty is such a weird word, don’t you think?)



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