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Dialogue…how I start. June 25, 2011

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I always start with a character. And that character is never alone. It is always in a relationship. Then it starts to have a conversation. The first character is always me at first. Then she (or sometimes he) eventually grows. But that first dialogue is always the most raw and revealing, and often cheesy and hopelessly ambiguous. I never get rid of it though. Because even when something makes no sense in a large scale, I think snippets of overheard conversations are magical on some level. They can be anything, because they have so little context. They are like a new language.
I’m going to be brave and share one I just wrote. No story, no context, just pure image and emotion and person.

–what happens when you start to see things? I fear that the more i learn about you, the more I am becoming you.–
–I sit down to watch a movie and suddenly, you are there. Or someone like you. Do you see?–
–No. No, I don’t.–
–It’s out of the corner of my eye at first, like a shadow, or a removing of a shadow. But then I turn my head, and there’s nothing there. I remember it like it was there though. I remember it.–
–What do you remember?–
–You. Always it’s you.–
–My shadow?–
–Yes. There is an image in my head. I am lying on a couch and you are sitting in front of it.It’s always the same thing. It flits past my eyes, as fast as a dragonfly. And I want it to be real, but it never is you see, because I turn my head, and the shadow moves.–
–Your thoughts aren’t my shadow.–
–They are now.–
–How could I be part of you like that? I’ll never be there.–
–Yes. I know. That’s why I have to settle for your shadow instead. For the fleeting image.Do you understand now?–
–No. I still don’t.–
–I am your shadow now. The shadow moves when I turn my head because I move. The shadow is me, so I am you.–


reading like a fiend June 17, 2011

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Two days ago I finished reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. And now I am halfway through the second book, Speaker for the Dead. If there is any science fiction writer that I have ever read that I want to emulate, it is this author. Just wow. In Ender’s Game, he writes with such a fast pace, using so much dialogue in some parts and then all in Ender’s head in the rest. It is fabulous. But then he gets even better in this next book and explores even more of this world he created. Honestly, the best part is reading what Card writes in his introductions. He is so open and honest about his writing process and inspiration. I could read an entire book about how he wrote these books. I absolutely love it when science fiction or fantasy writers don’t cop out and just copy the classic works of these genres, but instead make it their own. I love that Card is telling stories that people (and by people I mean everyone, not just us snobby literature freaks) will read, yet he doesn’t dumb it down. I want to write stories like this one. Popular not because of the genre but because they are relatable to everyone.

Did You Know???????
I keep forgetting to do these….but here is one. Fiend means an evil spirit or demon, a wicked or cruel person, a person causing mischief or annoyance, or (in the case of my title) a person who is excessively fond of or addicted to something. strange the phrases that people say….how did it come to change from a wicked person to an excessively fond of something person? Yes, everyone, I am reading books like a mischief causer. what does that mean? props to Amazon for putting the New Oxford American Dictionary on my Kindle so i could look up those definitions.


Little bit of prose June 16, 2011

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I started writing a story that i really like. Of course, since I really like it, i probably will pamper it too much. But I wanted to put just a little bit of it on here to hopefully get some feedback. It is not enough to know what the story is completely about, but I am more looking for comments on style and the flow of it.

There was pressure coming from everyone. Pressure to continue her research. Pressure to fix her relationship with Jack. Pressure to stop her experiments. Pressure building on all sides, conflicting pressure, pressure that pushed her to the ground and up to the sky and blew her around like one of those poor insects that flies off a windshield after desperately trying to cling to it in spite of fifty mile-per-hour winds.
The sun hit the top of her head, heating her dark hair so that it radiated its own warmth. She thought about this heat and pressure, imagining it coming to a climax and pouring out of the top of her sunlit head in a cloud of steam, like a train. She pictured her face red, with a comic look, her ears making a whistling noise. If only she could release it all that easily, absorb it and channel it. She couldn’t though. They wanted her to decide. Decide what? To shut down her mind? To stop recording her thoughts? To stop telling the world what she found? And Jack. So many voices about him. These voices came in whispers, not screams, like the others about her work. These voices spoke in the eyes of her students, in between the lines of the articles of her critics, murmuring in pictures and news stories. These voices were the ones that she feared most, because what if, after everything she had said and done, what if these voices were true? They couldn’t be true though, because Jack would never lie to her. Unless he couldn’t lie. Unless she had made it so that he believed it now too.
It was unbearable, the sun racing down to hit her on the head, trying to burn her scalp. She couldn’t stand it any longer, this torturing heat. She picked up her coffee and walked back to her car, blinking hard in spite of her sunglasses. This sun! When did it get so bright? Her brain felt like a stew, bubbling and churning gray matter with thoughts tumbling up and down and around like bits of carrots and potatoes, with the sun heating it all until it threatened to overflow.


Much needed update June 10, 2011

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I am a horrific slacker. At least I am when it comes to keeping my blog updated. I have two and a half websites that I check every day: Facebook, Yahoo, and my school email. I used to write on livejournal, but that is completely out of my mind now, and I tried to keep up with this, but apparently, I can’t even do that. However, I have not exactly been slacking in my writing. I finally started my book, the important one that I really think has something to it. Not that the other stories I’ve started aren’t good, they just don’t have as much promise as this one. My biggest problem is just sticking with it. If I had more people after me to keep writing, then maybe I would have more discipline, but being graduated now, i don’t have any professors breathing down my neck with deadlines. This could be a problem, because I am an ultimate procrastinator. Deadlines produce good work for me.

At the same time as trying to maintain a decent writing life, I am also support raising for my internship next year with Campus Crusade for Christ. I am really excited for this, but again, I am really bad at setting goals for myself. There has been a lot happening with my family too that is preventing me from concentrating fully on this. But I really know that this is what God wants for me next year, so I am stubbornly pushing forward with it. It is really exciting for me to see how God is changing my attitudes through this experience, and how much I have to completely trust in Him for absolutely everything. It is also really exciting because it makes me want to tell everyone else how amazing it is to rely on God.

Speaking of which, my roommate from last year is doing this awesome study abroad trip in Ghana, because she really has a heart for helping people. She started a blog about it too! I am so excited for her. If anyone wants to read her blog, here it is! http://ghanabound.wordpress.com/
I always get excited when people decide to go out of their comfort zone and go to another culture, even if that culture is only down the street from where they live, or in my friend’s case, in Ghana. I am so convinced that travel is one of the best ways to change your outlook on life.