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reading like a fiend June 17, 2011

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Two days ago I finished reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. And now I am halfway through the second book, Speaker for the Dead. If there is any science fiction writer that I have ever read that I want to emulate, it is this author. Just wow. In Ender’s Game, he writes with such a fast pace, using so much dialogue in some parts and then all in Ender’s head in the rest. It is fabulous. But then he gets even better in this next book and explores even more of this world he created. Honestly, the best part is reading what Card writes in his introductions. He is so open and honest about his writing process and inspiration. I could read an entire book about how he wrote these books. I absolutely love it when science fiction or fantasy writers don’t cop out and just copy the classic works of these genres, but instead make it their own. I love that Card is telling stories that people (and by people I mean everyone, not just us snobby literature freaks) will read, yet he doesn’t dumb it down. I want to write stories like this one. Popular not because of the genre but because they are relatable to everyone.

Did You Know???????
I keep forgetting to do these….but here is one. Fiend means an evil spirit or demon, a wicked or cruel person, a person causing mischief or annoyance, or (in the case of my title) a person who is excessively fond of or addicted to something. strange the phrases that people say….how did it come to change from a wicked person to an excessively fond of something person? Yes, everyone, I am reading books like a mischief causer. what does that mean? props to Amazon for putting the New Oxford American Dictionary on my Kindle so i could look up those definitions.


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