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Dialogue…how I start. June 25, 2011

Filed under: General Blog-tastic Writings — Dorothy Lynn @ 6:05 am

I always start with a character. And that character is never alone. It is always in a relationship. Then it starts to have a conversation. The first character is always me at first. Then she (or sometimes he) eventually grows. But that first dialogue is always the most raw and revealing, and often cheesy and hopelessly ambiguous. I never get rid of it though. Because even when something makes no sense in a large scale, I think snippets of overheard conversations are magical on some level. They can be anything, because they have so little context. They are like a new language.
I’m going to be brave and share one I just wrote. No story, no context, just pure image and emotion and person.

–what happens when you start to see things? I fear that the more i learn about you, the more I am becoming you.–
–I sit down to watch a movie and suddenly, you are there. Or someone like you. Do you see?–
–No. No, I don’t.–
–It’s out of the corner of my eye at first, like a shadow, or a removing of a shadow. But then I turn my head, and there’s nothing there. I remember it like it was there though. I remember it.–
–What do you remember?–
–You. Always it’s you.–
–My shadow?–
–Yes. There is an image in my head. I am lying on a couch and you are sitting in front of it.It’s always the same thing. It flits past my eyes, as fast as a dragonfly. And I want it to be real, but it never is you see, because I turn my head, and the shadow moves.–
–Your thoughts aren’t my shadow.–
–They are now.–
–How could I be part of you like that? I’ll never be there.–
–Yes. I know. That’s why I have to settle for your shadow instead. For the fleeting image.Do you understand now?–
–No. I still don’t.–
–I am your shadow now. The shadow moves when I turn my head because I move. The shadow is me, so I am you.–


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