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Working together is fun! August 29, 2011

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Well, since I am now a third and fourth grade teacher, I figured I could write a teacher-y title. It refers to the new blog I started with my friend Haley. She is an excellent photographer, and I love to write stories and we are both extremely quirky, so it is pretty fun. It’s called A Picture and a Thousand Words. Here is the link! http://pictureandathousandwords-haledoro.blogspot.com/
I will still continue this blog, but it is going to be for just my writing. This new joint project is for fun and practice, or to make practice fun? It will mostly be short stories and poems and have a lot of pictures, and We will try to update it every Saturday.

Like I said in the beginning, I just got a job as a third and fourth grade teacher. I am excited to meet all my students and a little nervous, but I know it will be a great experience. My goal for this year is to learn as much as possible and continue to work on my writing. I’m setting aside time on Saturday mornings to write, and I’ll probably go to the downtown library here, since it is beautiful and big and a great place for coming up with characters.

Did You Know????
All the basics of grammar (such as punctuation, spelling and capitalization rules) are taught in third grade. his makes me wonder why so many college students don’t know where to put commas or when to capitalize. THIRD GRADE PEOPLE!!! haha, i guess if you don’t use it, you lose it.