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Taking up a challenge from WordPress August 30, 2012

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Writing prompts are useful, so I’m taking on this challenge from WordPress.

“Are there any sounds that immediately stir up memories for you?”

One sound that always stirs up memories for me is the sound of a thunderstorm. To my knowledge, I have never been afraid of thunderstorms, and I think that is because I have wonderful memories of sitting with my Dad on our screened-in front porch during the summer, listening to the thunder, looking for the lightning, and getting slightly damp from the drops that made it through the slight protection of the screens. Every time I hear those beginning drops of a storm hitting the roof, or hear thunder booming in the distance, I think of quietly sitting on our white-painted wooden bench with a blanket on my lap and enjoying the storm. 


New look!

I decided to make my blog look more aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, I activated a new theme! I wish I were cool enough to make my own that looked this cute, but I’m not that tech savvy. Anyway, go check it out! I also changed some of my “about me” section. Props to Haley and her awesome camera-boyfriend for taking great pictures of me that I can use in my blog.

Also, I turned my application at the library today! Hopefully I can be a substitute clerk! Woohoo!


This picture demonstrates how amazing my life will be if I get this job. Nothing like a glamorous 50’s library assistant!!!!


New Flight of the Conchords song! August 29, 2012

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This song is adorable, especially if you go and watch Bret and Jemaine interviewing the kids for lyrics.


Hunting….for a source of income

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Yesterday I went to the school system’s office to ask about being a substitute teacher. I was handed a packet and told to fill out about ten pages of forms and also to go online so i can get a substitute teaching license. So now all i have to do is actually fill out all this stuff. I believe that I’ve written my name, address, and social security number about twenty times already. However, I think I am pretty much guaranteed at least some work from this once I’m done.

In other news, one of my friends here has connections with a publishing press and is going to ask around for me. YAY! A potential job that is actually in the field where I want to be working! This would be my dream job, even if it just meant filing papers. I really hope that this goes somewhere.

So, still hunting and filling out applications. Fun stuffs…


Settling in… August 28, 2012

You know, I use a LOT of ellipses in my casual writing. I kind of drive myself nuts, but i feel like it is such a good communicator of the tone of what i’m trying to say, since I am always thinking about what I said as it is coming out of my mouth…or fingers when I am typing.

Anyway, this marks the second week of living in the new town. I’m getting used to the layout, and I can find my way around pretty well. I’m still looking for a job, but apparently there is a need for Spanish speakers at the high school, so tomorrow I am going to ask some questions and check it out. I HATE applying for jobs. I’m more the type that likes getting hired through inside connections. Filling out an impersonal form with tons of personal information just doesn’t seem to be an accurate way of assessing whether someone is suitable for employment.

Today I went to the library to ask about job openings and also to get a library card. Apparently, they need proof of residence (so you don’t go around borrowing from a billion different libraries???? I don’t see why that would be that much of a problem…). As I have only lived here for one week, I had no such proof of residence. So they had me fill out a postcard to myself, which they will then send to me through the good old USPS, which I will then bring back to them–as proof of residence. Quite silly. 

That’s pretty much all the adventures for today…except of course for the quarter sized spider that crawled across the floor and inch away from my foot while I was folding laundry this morning. Ugh. Here’s an approximation of what it looked like. (I really don’t see why this situation would be okay in ANY universe.)





Something to discuss? August 23, 2012

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So as some of you may know, the book I am currently working on is a science fiction book about the beginnings of telepathy. It may actually be more about empathic abilities than telepathic, but I won’t go into the neurological technicalities about the difference right now. (If you want the basics, watch any episode of Star Trek: Next Generation that has Deanna Troi in it…..haha)

Anyway, this story came about basically because I find it eerie sometimes how we can sometimes seem to read other people’s thoughts or emotions without speaking to them or sometimes without even being near them. Of course, for my book, I amplify that ability quite a bit, but I’m wondering what people think about the concept of telepathy. Do you think it’s possible to some extent to know another person’s mind without any verbal communication? What about without any body language? Can you only do this with people you know really well, or people who are similar to you? Is it purely a human and physical communication phenomenon, or is there a spiritual aspect to it as well? These are just a few questions I’ve been asking myself while writing, and I’d love to hear some other opinions on it! Feel free to leave comments 🙂



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The new house is progressing nicely! The kitchen is almost done, and we finally have a stove, so we don’t have to rely on the toaster oven or the George Foreman any longer! I have officially become the cook of the residence, though Lindsey said she would take some responsibility, so she’s cooking tomorrow. So far we have had chicken every night…but seeing as I don’t have a job yet, and she is a teacher, I’m not thinking we’ll be having steaks very often. Also, I don’t really like steak.
It is strange, it’s like we are back in college, but entirely different at the same time. For one, the state isn’t paying part of my housing. Darn, I can’t use my smartness to get free money anymore. But also, it is just fun to have my own space again. As soon as I got back from Spain, I realized that I really like living in my own place. Of course, I don’t get free food anymore, but so far I still like it more. The only hard thing is that all my family and a lot of close friends are still in Toledo. Today was my sister’s birthday, and this Saturday is my adopted brother’s birthday party and I cannot be there to celebrate. You’d think I would be used to it since I did live in another country for a year, but even though I love to travel, I hate to miss important events in my family’s lives. I guess this is just another part of growing up. Sometimes, though, I wish I could be satisfied with being a homebody, instead of being so restless. Maybe I’ll figure out all of this someday…