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Weekly (yes, weekly!) update! August 11, 2012

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Today I was scolded for frequently starting blogs, posting a few times, then cold-heartedly abandoning them on the side of the information highway. Well, it wasn’t quite said in those terms, but that was the gist of it. So whether I have something interesting, witty, or intelligent to say or not, i will try my absolute hardest to update this blog. If i can remember to fee my fish every day, I guess i can remember to update a blog, right?  (I still can’t type the word remember correctly the first time though….stupid mmmmmmm’s.)

Here’s this week’s update.

1. In one week from today, I will be loading everything I own into my car (and various friends and family member’s cars) and moving to EASTERN Ohio. (That specific direction is for you certain people out there who felt the need to so forcefully correct my apparently directionally challenged mind.)

2. I now have a tentative title for my book. I also have a rough outline and half of a very short first chapter. WOOHOO!

3. Here is a picture of me crouching in some tall grass whilst holding a guitar.Image


One Response to “Weekly (yes, weekly!) update!”

  1. MBD Says:

    Thanks for the update. No scolding here.

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