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Settling in… August 28, 2012

You know, I use a LOT of ellipses in my casual writing. I kind of drive myself nuts, but i feel like it is such a good communicator of the tone of what i’m trying to say, since I am always thinking about what I said as it is coming out of my mouth…or fingers when I am typing.

Anyway, this marks the second week of living in the new town. I’m getting used to the layout, and I can find my way around pretty well. I’m still looking for a job, but apparently there is a need for Spanish speakers at the high school, so tomorrow I am going to ask some questions and check it out. I HATE applying for jobs. I’m more the type that likes getting hired through inside connections. Filling out an impersonal form with tons of personal information just doesn’t seem to be an accurate way of assessing whether someone is suitable for employment.

Today I went to the library to ask about job openings and also to get a library card. Apparently, they need proof of residence (so you don’t go around borrowing from a billion different libraries???? I don’t see why that would be that much of a problem…). As I have only lived here for one week, I had no such proof of residence. So they had me fill out a postcard to myself, which they will then send to me through the good old USPS, which I will then bring back to them–as proof of residence. Quite silly. 

That’s pretty much all the adventures for today…except of course for the quarter sized spider that crawled across the floor and inch away from my foot while I was folding laundry this morning. Ugh. Here’s an approximation of what it looked like. (I really don’t see why this situation would be okay in ANY universe.)





One Response to “Settling in…”

  1. If it was really that big, I’m moving out and you can live here alone!

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