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Foto Friday…and the mean reds September 28, 2012

First, here’s the foto!!!!

It’s of my friend Danielle, when we were in…guess where….Ireland. ost of my really good pictures seem to be from there. Probably because I was using an AWESOME camera, and, I mean, it’s Ireland. Duh.

Now, today I totally have the mean reds. If you don’t know what those are, watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. the only solution for the mean reds is to eat a danish outside of Tiffany’s. But I live in small town Ohio, and the closest Tiffany’s is at least six hours away. Luckily, I have good friends who help me get out of the mean reds with music and laughter. Thank God for music and laughter. and chocolate mint tea. Seriously.


Too slow! September 25, 2012

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I know it’s not a contest, but I just get so competitive and impatient! My brother is currently writing a book right now too. He is almost at the 60,000 word mark for his first draft. I am SO far behind that, it’s not even funny. But I’m bad at motivating myself. Maybe it’s because he went to grad school for theology, so he is used to sitting at a desk all day and writing 40 pages after researching for weeks. I’m not.
When I wrote papers in college, I would read the book or story, let it stew in my mind for a bit, and then the night before spit out a great paper. Not really possible in this situation. Maybe I should just go to grad school so I have more discipline to sit down and read voraciously, and then write 40 pages. I have a feeling that it won’t help much though. I think the solution is just more self-discipline.

Also, here is my brother’s blog if you want to check it out. his site is holymessenger.tumblr.com
I also got an awesome compliment from my friend mitch today. He just started a blog too! See? got to: mitchellfloydgale.wordpress.com *

*I tried about 500 times to make those into links and for some gosh durn reason they wouldn’t work. I don’t know why. So you should still check out their blogs, but you’ll just have to do it the old fashioned copy and paste way….sorry…


First Day September 24, 2012

Well, today was my first day working at a food service job, and I loved it! I know a lot of people don’t like working in this industry, and I might change my mind, and I’m not making a whole lot of money, but as far as first days go, it was really fun! The people I work with are nice and helpful, and I got to do a little bit of everything, from baking cookies, to making sandwiches to working as a cashier and bringing people their food. It got super busy a couple of times, but it wasn’t at all stressful. I think this is going to be a fun place to work.
Unfortunately, I am still going to need some supplementary income since I am only working part-time, but I’ve already gotten a few calls for some babysitting jobs too. I was hoping for tutoring, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. Overall, a pretty good start to the week!


Foto Friday!!!!!!! September 21, 2012

This whole week has felt like fall, which is appropriate because the autumnal equinox (the first full day of fall) is tomorrow. However, it is a bit strange, because usually the weather here in lovely, mercurial Ohio stays a nice, toasty, and humid 80 degrees until it decides to mess with your allergies and health and suddenly switch to cold and windy in the middle of October.
I appreciate the weather this year. Fall is my favorite season. I therefore decided to post a picture for Foto Friday that has a warm, brown, comfortable feel.

This photo was taken at the Dublin Writer’s Museum in Dublin, Ireland. The mirror was located above a mantelpiece that was right next to James Joyce’s piano. Unfortunately, the piano was locked, otherwise I would have played it! Then I could have said that I played the same piano as James Joyce! How cool! Anyway, I like taking pictures of reflections…they make things take on a different quality. I also love that this picture is fusing so many different art forms–photography, music, and writing! *sigh* I love art.

p.s.- if you want to see the picture in its full size, just click on it 🙂


When you walk in: September 20, 2012

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Welcome to The Advanced Academy of Empathic Analysis. If you are here to see an analyst, please enter the left hallway. If you are a government representative, please enter the right hallway. If you are a candidate for the analyst training program, please begin your application by following the directions empathically transmitted to you.
Have a nice day!


Drumroll please…….

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!

and all in all, it didn’t take too horribly long. I’ll be working at a little deli-type restaurant near my house! I like it because 1) it’s a local restaurant, 2) they make all their food from scratch, 3) I can walk to work!, and 4) they hired me!

Right now, it’s only part time, but I’m also signed up to do tutoring in the area, and last night one of my friends asked me if I would give him Spanish lessons. So, all in all, a pretty good day. 🙂


J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and my childhood, and how they conspired to help me write The Sword of Six Worlds September 18, 2012

This author writes great stuff, and since he is blogging about two of my favorite authors, I thought I’d share it with you all. Make sure you check out his new book! It should be fantabulous!



Business-y stuff…and art! September 17, 2012

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I haven’t decided yet if I love Etsy. There is a lot of cool stuff there, and I have a lot of fun jewelry and accesories and photography prints that I would love to sell and share with people, but I’m not sure if I am good enough at networking to make it work for me.
But I’m trying anyway!
Therefore, I have opened a shop on Esty called TheHiddenCorner! (They don’t let you put spaces in your shop name for some reason…) It currently only has two of my jewelry pieces on there, but now it also has prints of the two photographs that I shared with everyone last week (and I plan on adding new ones after I post them here)! So if you loved them, and want to buy them, please do so! I currently am only offering 8X10 prints, but if you want a larger one, just contact me and I can work something out.
Here is the link! www.etsy.com/shop/TheHiddenCorner


Novel writing… September 15, 2012

…takes so much more stretching of the imagination than I ever expected!!!!! 

Yesterday, as I sat down to write more of my first draft, I reached a point with one of my characters where I realized that I knew nothing about her. I didn’t know why she felt the way she did, I didn’t know why she was acting that way, and I had no idea what the story about her was going to be. This is a slight problem, when you don’t know anything about your main character.

To solve this problem, I began to write out the basic story lines of my novel. The first story line I have completely outlined; the second one, not so much. I started writing about it, then realized that I not only had to come up with a solid plot, I also had to create an entire future society based on the events that happened in their past, including an enormous world war, and an establishment of global government/organization. I kept writing, and writing, and it just kept getting more complicated!

The craziest thing is, most of that will never make it into the book, except in the subtext of the characters! Where does all this information even come from? It is quite cool that a human brain can come up with an entirely different world, or for that matter, multiple variations and universes of the world that we already live in. And when you look at all of the billions of books that have been written, it becomes even more amazing to think that every human being can think up these things. So cool!

And so time consuming…


Foto Friday!!!!!! September 14, 2012

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Since my photo yesterday was so well received, I’ve decided to do a weekly post with one of my photos. But in order to have it be more alliterative, I’m spelling photo the Spanish way!!!! Foto!!!!!

So here begins Week 1 of Foto Friday!



This was also taken in Ireland when I went for Easter vacation this year. I love doing close ups of objects with cool textures, and this photo seemed appropriate for the time too, since the flower kind of looks like an Easter egg!