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Pass the Phone! September 1, 2012

Filed under: General Blog-tastic Writings — Dorothy Lynn @ 4:33 pm
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Today marks the second week after I’ve moved. This morning, after finishing with freshening up activities, I checked my phone to see that not only did my five-year-old niece leave me a voice mail, but two of my friends are at my parents house! Of course I had to call, because who can resist calling an adorable five-year-old, and I was surprised to find that my practically my entire family was there! Without me! (I would be indignant, except that I was the one who decided to move….so i guess I have no excuse.) I then proceeded to chat with almost everyone there. It was an epic game of pass the phone, and I quite enjoyed it. I think I am finally getting used to talking to people on the phone…it only took 23 years!



It’s a good thing I didn’t have to use this kind of phone!


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