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Thoughts and such September 9, 2012

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Firstly, let me just say that this week has been crazy and fantastic. I heard an incredible band, got to visit with lots of friends and family at home, and have been really encouraged by people’s reactions when I tell them about my book.

Apparently, I have a good premise for my story. It is always nice to hear people say that, but I still constantly wonder if it only seems good in my brain, or if other people would actually be interested as well. I decided that when I moved, I was just going to tell people that I am a writer, instead of shying away from it, because that is what I am. And now, it is really exciting to see that I actually could accomplish this thing. 

I am going to try even harder now to really work on finishing my first draft and getting this book done so other people can read it too!  


One Response to “Thoughts and such”

  1. I love your book idea! The little bit you let me read was fantastic! 🙂

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