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Questions… September 11, 2012

What if all the people that we thought had a certain mental illness, in fact only had an undiscovered and unexplored development of their brains?

What if you could suddenly experience the sensory input of every single person who was standing within twenty feet of you? How would you react?


4 Responses to “Questions…”

  1. Jodi Jarchow Says:

    I think about that often, especially with kids, because I know they are trying to tell us something, but just can’t communicate it to us the way we think it should be. People with mental illnesses have different brains anyway, and I think they are very intelligent but again, because of the way their brain is wired, they cannot make us “normal” people understand. I have had many fascinating conversations with people who are very different then me.

    Dorothy, thanks for making me have something different to think about today!

  2. I think I’d write down everything and turn it into a book… oh wait, I think I just combined your main character and you there. Oops.

    • Dorothy Lynn Says:

      Haha, that is okay, Lindsey, it is the danger of being a writer, that people will assume I am my characters. Which, in a sense I am…but they are also very not me as well.

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