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Inspirational words from a fellow artist September 12, 2012

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“it’s always persistence (unrelenting, difficult, and un-glamorous persistence) and belief (utter, ridiculous, borderline crazy belief) in yourself that will make you succeed.”

You know what is awesome? The person who said this to me is someone who I only met last Thursday and who I only talked to for maybe ten minutes. She is the cellist in the band I posted a couple of entries back…and she just put into words exactly how I feel and want to explain to people what writing is all about!  So thanks, Rachel, for the amazingly encouraging words!


3 Responses to “Inspirational words from a fellow artist”

  1. Sean Jarchow Says:

    Its true.Wrestling through the stupid details of writing a book is very un-glamorous. But, the end result happens to be things I have written that surprise me.

    • Dorothy Lynn Says:

      Exactly! I sit down to write and while I’m writing I think of how boring it is, or how tedious the section is, but then when I go back later, it seems much better. I just really like how she put into words how I was feeling.

  2. poetjena Says:

    Very much appreciate the comments here. “Wrestling” really encapsulates the feeling so well.

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