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Check out my roommate’s blog! September 13, 2012

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She has blogspot though….I am currently lamenting the fact that she has twice as many page views as I do, even though I know way more people…in the whole world…seriously, what’s the deal, facebook friends??? Start reading my blogs, all you international people!!!!

Anyway, enough complaining, my roommate is, contrary to her blog’s name, a second year high school math teacher, and she has some quite hilarious stories. So check out her blog and follow her! (and follow me too please! I promise I’ll get more interesting!!!!) Her site is adventuresofafirstyearmathteacher.blogspot.com  you probably just want to copy and paste that because it is a fright to type it out. Geez.


2 Responses to “Check out my roommate’s blog!”

  1. leahandsam Says:

    When we started our blog we weren’t sure whether to make a WordPress or a Blogspot…obviously we went with WordPress. Would you say WordPress is better?

    • Dorothy Lynn Says:

      I am honestly not sure. I haven’t used blogspot, I just have some friends who do. But from what I’ve seen, I get the feel that blogspot is a little more technical based, and wordpress is a little more writing focused. Thanks for liking and commenting, by the way! 🙂

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