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Novel writing… September 15, 2012

…takes so much more stretching of the imagination than I ever expected!!!!! 

Yesterday, as I sat down to write more of my first draft, I reached a point with one of my characters where I realized that I knew nothing about her. I didn’t know why she felt the way she did, I didn’t know why she was acting that way, and I had no idea what the story about her was going to be. This is a slight problem, when you don’t know anything about your main character.

To solve this problem, I began to write out the basic story lines of my novel. The first story line I have completely outlined; the second one, not so much. I started writing about it, then realized that I not only had to come up with a solid plot, I also had to create an entire future society based on the events that happened in their past, including an enormous world war, and an establishment of global government/organization. I kept writing, and writing, and it just kept getting more complicated!

The craziest thing is, most of that will never make it into the book, except in the subtext of the characters! Where does all this information even come from? It is quite cool that a human brain can come up with an entirely different world, or for that matter, multiple variations and universes of the world that we already live in. And when you look at all of the billions of books that have been written, it becomes even more amazing to think that every human being can think up these things. So cool!

And so time consuming…


5 Responses to “Novel writing…”

  1. Julie Israel Says:

    I’m on Chapter 8 and even with 29 documents of character sketches, research, plot outline, notes, scratchings, questions and answers, etc, I still find myself developing new details as they emerge in the story!!! It’s a lot of work, to be sure, but I think you’re right– it comes with a certain fascination at the abilities of our own minds 🙂

  2. Bumba Says:

    I hope your alternate universe follows the laws of physics. It has to make sense and be possible.

    • Dorothy Lynn Says:

      Of course!! I’d have to do tons of research on physics before I could even dare to mess around with those laws…and right now I’m way too occupied with researching neurology and psychology for my current story 😉

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