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Business-y stuff…and art! September 17, 2012

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I haven’t decided yet if I love Etsy. There is a lot of cool stuff there, and I have a lot of fun jewelry and accesories and photography prints that I would love to sell and share with people, but I’m not sure if I am good enough at networking to make it work for me.
But I’m trying anyway!
Therefore, I have opened a shop on Esty called TheHiddenCorner! (They don’t let you put spaces in your shop name for some reason…) It currently only has two of my jewelry pieces on there, but now it also has prints of the two photographs that I shared with everyone last week (and I plan on adding new ones after I post them here)! So if you loved them, and want to buy them, please do so! I currently am only offering 8X10 prints, but if you want a larger one, just contact me and I can work something out.
Here is the link! www.etsy.com/shop/TheHiddenCorner


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