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Foto Friday!!!!!!! September 21, 2012

This whole week has felt like fall, which is appropriate because the autumnal equinox (the first full day of fall) is tomorrow. However, it is a bit strange, because usually the weather here in lovely, mercurial Ohio stays a nice, toasty, and humid 80 degrees until it decides to mess with your allergies and health and suddenly switch to cold and windy in the middle of October.
I appreciate the weather this year. Fall is my favorite season. I therefore decided to post a picture for Foto Friday that has a warm, brown, comfortable feel.

This photo was taken at the Dublin Writer’s Museum in Dublin, Ireland. The mirror was located above a mantelpiece that was right next to James Joyce’s piano. Unfortunately, the piano was locked, otherwise I would have played it! Then I could have said that I played the same piano as James Joyce! How cool! Anyway, I like taking pictures of reflections…they make things take on a different quality. I also love that this picture is fusing so many different art forms–photography, music, and writing! *sigh* I love art.

p.s.- if you want to see the picture in its full size, just click on it 🙂


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