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Too slow! September 25, 2012

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I know it’s not a contest, but I just get so competitive and impatient! My brother is currently writing a book right now too. He is almost at the 60,000 word mark for his first draft. I am SO far behind that, it’s not even funny. But I’m bad at motivating myself. Maybe it’s because he went to grad school for theology, so he is used to sitting at a desk all day and writing 40 pages after researching for weeks. I’m not.
When I wrote papers in college, I would read the book or story, let it stew in my mind for a bit, and then the night before spit out a great paper. Not really possible in this situation. Maybe I should just go to grad school so I have more discipline to sit down and read voraciously, and then write 40 pages. I have a feeling that it won’t help much though. I think the solution is just more self-discipline.

Also, here is my brother’s blog if you want to check it out. his site is holymessenger.tumblr.com
I also got an awesome compliment from my friend mitch today. He just started a blog too! See? got to: mitchellfloydgale.wordpress.com *

*I tried about 500 times to make those into links and for some gosh durn reason they wouldn’t work. I don’t know why. So you should still check out their blogs, but you’ll just have to do it the old fashioned copy and paste way….sorry…


8 Responses to “Too slow!”

  1. poetjena Says:

    firstly, thanks for your like Dorothy. second, you know if you run all your tags together for this post, it looks really cool. Ok, me just being frivolous maybe. But it might then look like this: Brother’s chicken family/Humility and self-discipline/ Novels Writing. Well just a thought. I’m sure that the writing is always worth it though in the end. : )

  2. Sean Says:

    I commented twice on this. Neither time did it work. Stupid.

  3. Mitch Says:

    Not gonna lie. The title of your blog “Write Me Up” puts the song “Wake Me Up (Before You Go Go)” in my head. >.<

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