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Foto Friday…and the mean reds September 28, 2012

First, here’s the foto!!!!

It’s of my friend Danielle, when we were in…guess where….Ireland. ost of my really good pictures seem to be from there. Probably because I was using an AWESOME camera, and, I mean, it’s Ireland. Duh.

Now, today I totally have the mean reds. If you don’t know what those are, watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. the only solution for the mean reds is to eat a danish outside of Tiffany’s. But I live in small town Ohio, and the closest Tiffany’s is at least six hours away. Luckily, I have good friends who help me get out of the mean reds with music and laughter. Thank God for music and laughter. and chocolate mint tea. Seriously.


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