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Writing, but not the right kind? October 1, 2012

Last night I just spit out over 2000 words…but they weren’t part of my book at all. They were just journaling, and it was something I needed to write so I could sort out my thoughts, but still, I feel unproductive, even though it was 2000 words! And some of it was really good writing too! Sometimes I wish I could just channel all of my thoughts, emotions, and experiences into my current project, and that they would all actually be applicable. I’m pretty sure this is just my impatient nature coming out again, though, because sometimes, I need to just word vomit my thoughts and emotions. If I don’t, I can’t concentrate on my story, and instead I’m thinking of my own life while I’m trying to write the lives of my characters. That is not a good mix.

Hopefully I can work on the book now that I have the extreme journaling out of my system.


2 Responses to “Writing, but not the right kind?”

  1. poetjena Says:

    “It’s the world in us propelling us to write,
    through the lens of gruesomeness or delight,
    taking charge of our wings, teaching us to fight!”

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