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Wednesday is for poets! October 10, 2012

Week Two!!!!
This week I will be sharing a poem written by one of my friends who wishes to remain anonymous, but desires sincere feedback on his or her poetry.
Personally, I think this person is a natural poet. I have learned how to write poetry, and I enjoy writing it, but this person has the natural talent to arrange words in a very emotionally powerful way. This poem is called “Inspiration”, and I picked it to post this week because it has so much dimension to it. It is a poem about poetry, and calling for inspiration, yet it also is managing to be a beautiful love poem written to the subject at the same time! I love poems that make you look twice.


Muses come to me
Fill me with words
That speak my love

Muses show me the way
Give me the courage
To speak those words

Muses lead me along
Allow me to write
So I may expel my heart

Muses fly here
Grant me the wisdom
Because I am speaking of her

Muses let me tell
Tell the story of her beauty
So all the world can see

Muses lace my tongue
With language that describes
Her infinite charm

Muses empower me
That my feeble words
Can reveal her majesty

Muses come to me
Fill me with the words
Make the music flow


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