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Foto Friday! October 12, 2012

On time this time!!!!
So far, all of my photography posts except one have been from Ireland. While I LOVE Ireland and its extreme photogenicity (yes, I just made that word.), I actually do have photos from other places I’ve been. Sometimes I really am amazed at how many places I’ve been able to visit. I will try to represent more of them here, even if the photo quality isn’t as good as I’d like.

This weekend is homecoming at my alma mater. Now, I’m not big on school spirit, but I do still have friends there, and it is fun to go visit. In honor of my university and its beautiful campus (especially in autumn), here is a picture from my college days!

When I take pictures of my friends while we are walking in the woods, I frequently make them stand in silly places, like on top of three logs. Well, Hannah, Scott, and Danielle initially were standing on top of them, until they started rolling. This picture is the aftermath. I just like the silliness of it. And the fall colors, of course!


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