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Sushi and frantic Mondays October 15, 2012

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There is just something about Mondays that feels slow and frantic at the same time. Maybe it is because I never want to leave the weekend, but Mondays are just so hectic. at work today, I felt rushed and uneasy, even though it really wasn’t that busy. Nobody was really talking to each other in the kitchen, and we all just minded out own business. It just felt strange. Then after work, I hurried to eat something and then drive to music practice, only to find out (when I got there) that it was cancelled…again, slow, yet frantic. My roommate had an even more intense day. The calculus teacher at the high school had her baby this weekend, so my roommate had to start teaching calculus today. The stress of it made her forget her lunch, and it was just crazy all day.
Ah Mondays, why do you always have to repeat you nasty cycle over and over?

At least on Mondays, we get to have $2.50 sushi rolls! đŸ™‚ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sushi!


2 Responses to “Sushi and frantic Mondays”

  1. poetjena Says:

    Riding the wave of the Mondays which life throws at one is not easy for sure!… glad you still made it to blog this cute post though, all the same!

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