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Success, failure, and music October 16, 2012

Success: Butternut Squash cookies! Seriously, so tasty. So very, very tasty. I discovered that you can pretty much substitute butternut squash anywhere you would put pumpkin.

Failure: Cinnamon Coffee. You put cinnamon underneath the coffee grounds in the filter, and it makes delicious cinnamon-flavored goodness! That is, it makes delicious goodness if the coffee filter doesn’t fall down in the maker and leak coffee grounds into your carafe…
I’ve managed to make this successfully once, only once. That one time was SO delicious, that I keep trying, and failing. Oh well, maybe next time.

Music: Sometimes I love Pandora, and sometimes it annoys the crap out of me. But tonight, it is wonderful, because it just juxtaposed an instrumental piano version of Colors of the Wind from Disney’s Pocahontas with a song by Florence & the Machine. Awesome? I think so. Want a taste of the soundscapes of my night?
Here you go!


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