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Wednesday is for poets! October 17, 2012

This week is another one of my poems. I wrote it during my senior year of college while taking a creative writing class. I’m not sure how to describe this poem. For me, it was very hard to write, because it came out of some of the things I saw while staying with some friends on a reservation in Alaska. I have always wanted to learn more about Native American culture, and a few summers ago, I got a chance to experience it first hand and make some wonderful friends. I was struck by the culture difference, and the similarities. Like I said, it is hard to describe, and even though it has been a couple of years, I am still processing the experience. This poem is part of that processing, I guess.


we are hidden for fear
of discovery. we cannot blame
anyone now, yet the fear
lingers. by searching
you sometimes find us.
mostly though, we
are invisible, the result
of our hearts’ desires.

crushed, misplaced, driven
to places we now call
home, but which are no
comfort. no longer
aspiring, no longer
fighting, no longer
crying. for acceptance
we laugh, but we

look closely. please look
closely. who will see?
filled hearts embrace
tragedy with beauty,
tradition barely keeps
us stable.


4 Responses to “Wednesday is for poets!”

  1. Sean Says:

    Pretty neat. The imagery is quite supple, and I like the way the counterpoint settles with the . . . aww who am I kidding. I suck at poetry. But I think that this is a good poem, and I am not patronizing, I just don’t know the right words to say why it is good.

    I think I am destined to be a novelist. Jamie, however, wrote some good poetry. You should work with me to convince her to get back on that 😉

  2. Adam Cirone Says:

    I enjoyed reading your poem. I would like to learn more about Native American culture one day, and your words convey the sense of displacement that I imagine would be prevalent among some NA peoples. I can feel the emotion.

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