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Wednesday (night) is for Poets. October 24, 2012

And for using your roommate’s computer to update your blog at 11:00 at night because you forgot to do it before, and your own computer takes twenty minutes or so to decide to be useful.

For tonight, I am giving a selection from my poetry journal. This is a journal in which I write (in my neatest, prettiest handwriting) poems. Some of them are my own poetry, but most of them are not. Many of them came out of an awesome poetry anthology called Staying Alive. Since it is a bit late, and I need to sleep because I have to work tomorrow, here is a short, but wonderful poem by William Carlos Williams.

El Hombre

It’s a strange courage
you give me ancient star:

Shine alone in the sunrise
toward which you lend no part!

Simplicity and an epic message. Such a good poem. 🙂

P.S.- tomorrow my friend and fellow writer Matt Mikalatos is posting something I wrote on his blog. He asked me to do a guest post because I wanted to promote my blog a bit more, and he is awesome like that. Go check out his site! His blog is called The Burning Hearts Revolution and the site is mikalatos.com


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