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Wednesday, it’s for poets! November 14, 2012

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I am actually remembering to update before 11:30 pm this time, which is when I usually realize that I haven’t posted a poem yet. This week I am sharing one of my own poems. I found this one in my plethora of poem documents on my computer. I honestly don’t remember when I wrote it. It was probably sometime during my senior year of college. But I quite like it upon reading it again.

The sticking key

It’s like when you’re playing the piano
and one key sticks.
The song goes smoothly,
your fingers glide across the white and black,
and you close your eyes to hear the melody.
Until you reach that key.
It holds, dissonant, dischordant
to the rest of the harmony.
It remains, reminds you
of something that’s missing,
that one piece of yourself that you can’t
explain, the piece that shoves itself
under everything.
Love is like that.

*On a completely different note, I just discovered a couple of days ago that my friend/brother Dwarka pronounces Wednesday as it’s spelled…as in Wed-nes-day. I’ve known him for a few years, and somehow I just now noticed this. I find it quite humorous and endearing. I thought I’d share that since it is Wednesday. And now that I think about it, I always pronounce it that way in my head when I’m spelling Wednesday….oh the strange things we notice when we really stop to observe.


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