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What now? December 1, 2012

Lately, I’ve been thinking about grad school. Just in general. I’ve been thinking that I want to go soon. I’ve been thinking that it would be good to have some structure to my studying. And, in spite of the fact that I see how crazy busy my boyfriend who is in grad school is, I’ve been thinking that it would be fun.
The problem is, I have no idea what I should study, and grad school isn’t like undergrad where you can just do a little bit of everything and pick at the end. Here is my current list of areas I’d love to know more about

Creative Writing- surprisingly, this is my last choice for grad school studies, not because I think I know everything about it, but because most programs seem to focus on short story and poetry writing, and I want to do neither of those.

Astronomy- mostly because I love space and practically anything to do with it. However, my brain starts to hurt when I think of all the physics and math I’ll have to take just to begin to understand astronomy. I could do it, but I would probably not be accepted into any programs without first taking a few qualifying classes, and the extent of my college level math was taking Math for Liberal Arts Majors…you can imagine how much use that would be in astronomy.

Native American Studies- Because I’m really interested in it. The history, the language, the culture, the literature (especially). However, I am not sure what use I would have for it yet. Or if I will even live in the United States my whole life. So it might be too specific, therefore…

Indigenous cultures studies- so this would be studying native american cultures but also other indigenous people groups around the world. More broad and perhaps more useful? But a LOT of history and I hate writing and researching historical papers….yick.

Languages- Currently I have taken classes in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Latin. Right now I am trying to improve my French and am also learning Arabic through this program by Mango Languages. I also know about five words in Tlingit, and about three words in Hassaniya. (Look those up!) This is also really really broad for a topic. I guess I could do linguistics? Then it would also link into my international-ness and love of writing.

Neuroscience- this may just be because of my book. I am researching a lot about the brain and how it works, and also psychology and psychiatry, but I definitely do not want to study those. The science of the brain is very interesting though, and a little bit more approachable to my liberal arts self as far as the math side is concerned. maybe.

Music- this would be cool, but, well, I don’t think I’m dedicated enough to only study music. And if I go to grad school for it, my life will be nothing but music for a long time. And then I might get sick of it. And the drama that happens when a bunch of musicians get together…not a pleasant environment.

Philosophy- hey, if none of those other things work, I could always just be a philosopher. I seem to be pretty good at it, so why not?

Yeah, see my problem? I just covered a LOT of different topics. I constantly change my mind about which to do. Hopefully I can decide sometime soon. Or find an awesome school that lets me do a strange combination of ALL of them, because they recognize how crazy and smart I am. Ha! right…


3 Responses to “What now?”

  1. My opinion is think long and hard. Remember the first answer isn’t always the correct one. I’m in the same situation.

  2. Adam Cirone Says:

    Those are all potentially interesting and rewarding fields of study. Currently, I am finishing up a teacher preparation course at Muskingum during which I have done a bunch of independent research in Astronomy. It certainly is a fascinating field with many paths to pursue… do you study planets or stars? Do you study radio waves or x-ray waves? But all the fields will require considerable math, so be warned.

    But I tell you… what goes on inside of stars… absolutely crazy.

    • Dorothy Lynn Says:

      If I did astronomy, I think I would lean toward studying stars….seriously so cool. Maybe I could look into doing some programs with other topics as independent study. I hadn’t thought of that option before…

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