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Phonics, estimation and Dr. Seuss–it’s Wednesday, of course! January 30, 2013

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Today is supposed to be for poetry, but my mind is too full of phonics worksheets and learning how to estimate numbers. But since I’m occupied with phonics, I could post a bit of Dr. Suess…. and teach everyone how to rhyme!

The Foot Book

by Dr. Seuss


Left foot, left foot

Right foot, right

Feet in the morning

Feet at night.

Left foot,

Left foot,

Left foot,


Wet foot, dry foot

Low foot, high foot

Front feet, back feet

Red feet, black feet

Left foot, right foot

Feet, feet, feet

How many, many feet you meet.

Slow feet, quick feet.

Trick feet, sick feet

Up feet, down feet

Here come the clown feet.

Small feet, big feet

Here come the pig feet.

His feet, her feet

Fuzzy fur feet

In the house and on the street,

How many, many feet you meet.

Up in the air feet

Over a chair feet

More and more feet

Twenty-four feet.

Here come more and more…………………………….and more feet!

Left foot. Right foot.

Feet. Feet. Feet.

Oh how many feet you meet.


*It’s not as good without the amazing illustrations…


The Goal. January 27, 2013

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So today I made the choice (mistake?) to tell my boyfriend that I was going to try and have the first draft of my novel done by my birthday, which is in the beginning of March. He laughed, and then said, well, you better actually do it then! No procrastinating! Then I tried to allow myself some grace time and say that maybe I’ll make the deadline his birthday (which is two weeks later). Again, laughter and saying NO PROCRASTINATING!

Now I will have endless reminders from him to write like crazy until my birthday……oh geez.


I like it when my students make jokes in Spanish and I understand them. January 25, 2013

Yup. It’s quite fun to be speaking Spanish again. It is also fun to overhear one of your students asking their friend if he can marry their sister, and then watch them get embarrassed when they realize that you(the teacher) completely understood what they were saying. Mostly, my students are just fun. They work hard (mostly) and I am super impressed at how they all seem so put together even though the majority of their classes are taught in a language they barely know. It definitely is challenging to teach them (for example, I have to translate all my math lessons into Spanish…I never thought i’d need to know how to say place value, fraction, or exponent in another language…) but I am already seeing them understand new things, and it’s only been a week! Woot!

Also, since this technically is a blog for my writing, I should say that I have been writing every night this week. They are just short scenes, but one of my story lines is really starting to unfold itself and I’m feeling like maybe I actually can finish this draft sometime in the near future.

And last but not least, IT’S FRIDAY!!!!! This morning, I remembered that my high school Spanish teacher used to have us say this “prayer” on Fridays….”Hoy es viernes, GRACIAS A DIOS! no tengo sueno, no estoy cansado…” there was more, but I can’t remember it. It was quite comical though….Anyway, since it is Friday, here is a foto!


My friend Haley is a fantastic photographer. She took this at the Toledo Zoo. Isn’t he such a cute frog?


I make awesome decisions in bike stores! January 23, 2013

This is totally not poetry….but it is trying to be poetry? Or making fun of a social convention by trying to make it into art, when it totally should NOT be art? Something like that….anywho, It’s HILARIOUS, and I don’t quite have time to find a good poem tonight, so here you go! Josh Groban being really funny!


YAY 50 Follows!!!! January 22, 2013

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Also, today went well. I have no idea what I will teach them tomorrow, but we probably have another two hour delay because it is so FREAKING cold outside (well, for Ohio at least…not so much if you are from Minnesota or Wisconsin, or Siberia…), therefore, the class periods will once again be quite short. 


The students were all really cool, and my Spanish came back to me super fast. it was quite fun being able to use my Spanish again. 


Also, also.. today is my dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday, old fart!!!!!!! 🙂


Now I must blow my nose. Again.


Here we go! January 21, 2013

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Tomorrow I start teaching math and language arts to non-english speaking students. I speak fairly good Spanish, so that should help, but I have never taught math in another language before….actually I have never taught anything in a language other than English. I was doing some lesson planning tonight, and it was very strange to be setting up lessons for teaching English in Spanish. But also fun, and awesome!
I am a bit worried about the math, simply because I have NO idea where they are math-wise or what I will have to teach, but math was actually my favorite subject to teach to my elementary students last year, so I think I will have fun with it. Especially since I am going to use an awesome book that helps to teach math concepts through the visual arts. Teaching math through drawing, sculpture and painting??? Yes, please!

Unfortunately, I still have this nasty head cold, and I have to work my other job all this week too, so I am going to be VERY tired.


Obligatory post January 19, 2013

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I forgot to post a picture yesterday. so here is one today, of what I did yesterday.

just some dwarves













That’s right, I spent some time with some of my favorite dwarves. And a Hobbit. And a wizard, a few trolls, and quite a lot of orcs and goblins. All in all a productive night.

But today I have a cold. And this is what I’ve done all day today:











And now, I am pretty sure I look like him:














but without the christmas cheer. because it’s the end of January.


Now I think I will go to bed.