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The dairy dilemma January 3, 2013

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Sometimes, I like to think that my body is slowly becoming more tolerant to lactose. Over the holidays I ate a ridiculous amount of food that normally I wouldn’t eat. (Don’t we all?) Surprisingly, my body didn’t flip out on me as much. So I thought, hey, maybe I can eat dairy more now.
This morning I ate some yogurt, with no repercussions! Woohoo!!!!!

But then I went a little crazy and ate some mac and cheese. Bad decision.
I’m gonna just stick to yogurt with all the good bacteria in it that helps you digest food. That way maybe I can slowly ease back into it and not get sick every time I go out to eat.

This is not for me!!!! 😦

On an interesting side note, according to my boyfriend, camel’s milk is really good for you, so maybe I’ll have to start drinking that instead. I always get a weird mental image of a person milking a camel when I think about drinking camel’s milk….


also….apparently I can buy camel milk on amazon…but only in powder form. And it costs $100.


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