Write Me Up

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Blurbing January 6, 2013

Today I was giving advice to one of my friends on how to get more views on his Youtube videos so he can get a job. Ha! Me! with my measly 40-something followers! I sounded very knowledgeable and professional what with my “tag lots of things” and “post photos” and “have interesting titles”.

Sometimes, I am a big phony. However, I realized today, and Saturday as I was working, that I really enjoy blogging. It is quite fun to think of witty things to say to complete strangers who for some unknown reason decide to read my ramblings.

It is also encouraging to me though, as a writer, that even though I am not even posting remotely interesting things here yet, I still have 40-something strangers who read it and occasionally comment. This gives me hope that when I do start posting things of more substance, perhaps more people will read. Apparently my book sounds interesting to everyone I tell about it, even complete strangers. (I tend to over-explain and get excited when people show interest.) Hopefully, this means that when this monstrous project is finished, it won’t just be for my own satisfaction of getting the darn thing out of my head. Hopefully other people will enjoy it too.


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