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Fooooooooooootoooooooooooofriday. January 11, 2013

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I’m running out of ways to vary that title.



Here is a picture. I took it in college. These are my friends Danielle and Alex. They aren’t actually mad at each other, though. In fact, it took about ten shots to get them to both look angry. They kept laughing at each other. They are quite fun to take pictures with.

Speaking of Danielle, she has a new blog! Here it is! http://norithmetic.wordpress.com


6 Responses to “Fooooooooooootoooooooooooofriday.”

  1. jodijarchow Says:

    Great picture. I recognize that necklace! I miss your photo shoots!

  2. chickborski Says:

    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! 🙂 Man, I miss being able to go on phoot shoots whenever. This one was probably my absolute favorite phoot shoot! Alex is so intense in this picture!

  3. very expressive picture!

  4. chickborski Says:

    I think you should write about this one.

  5. chickborski Says:

    A story, that is. You did write about it… it’s a blog! Oh dear…

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