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Cake pops…..or cake balls, rather… January 14, 2013

My cousin came to visit me this weekend and brought her new cake pop maker. 

1) cake pop makers are misleading, and they do not cook the batter into perfectly shaped cake balls

2) it is impossible to find skewers at Walmart here…but then again the Walmart in my town is the most disorganized one i’ve ever seen.

3) It is fun to sing Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” really loudly while decorating cake balls.

It was a fair success. We made white cake dipped in milk chocolate, and red velvet cake dipped in white chocolate. SO YUMMY.

Here is a picture!



2 Responses to “Cake pops…..or cake balls, rather…”

  1. chickborski Says:

    I need to try number three, or at least sing that song at random times. Doing dishes…

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