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Here we go! January 21, 2013

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Tomorrow I start teaching math and language arts to non-english speaking students. I speak fairly good Spanish, so that should help, but I have never taught math in another language before….actually I have never taught anything in a language other than English. I was doing some lesson planning tonight, and it was very strange to be setting up lessons for teaching English in Spanish. But also fun, and awesome!
I am a bit worried about the math, simply because I have NO idea where they are math-wise or what I will have to teach, but math was actually my favorite subject to teach to my elementary students last year, so I think I will have fun with it. Especially since I am going to use an awesome book that helps to teach math concepts through the visual arts. Teaching math through drawing, sculpture and painting??? Yes, please!

Unfortunately, I still have this nasty head cold, and I have to work my other job all this week too, so I am going to be VERY tired.


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