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I like it when my students make jokes in Spanish and I understand them. January 25, 2013

Yup. It’s quite fun to be speaking Spanish again. It is also fun to overhear one of your students asking their friend if he can marry their sister, and then watch them get embarrassed when they realize that you(the teacher) completely understood what they were saying. Mostly, my students are just fun. They work hard (mostly) and I am super impressed at how they all seem so put together even though the majority of their classes are taught in a language they barely know. It definitely is challenging to teach them (for example, I have to translate all my math lessons into Spanish…I never thought i’d need to know how to say place value, fraction, or exponent in another language…) but I am already seeing them understand new things, and it’s only been a week! Woot!

Also, since this technically is a blog for my writing, I should say that I have been writing every night this week. They are just short scenes, but one of my story lines is really starting to unfold itself and I’m feeling like maybe I actually can finish this draft sometime in the near future.

And last but not least, IT’S FRIDAY!!!!! This morning, I remembered that my high school Spanish teacher used to have us say this “prayer” on Fridays….”Hoy es viernes, GRACIAS A DIOS! no tengo sueno, no estoy cansado…” there was more, but I can’t remember it. It was quite comical though….Anyway, since it is Friday, here is a foto!


My friend Haley is a fantastic photographer. She took this at the Toledo Zoo. Isn’t he such a cute frog?


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