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The Goal. January 27, 2013

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So today I made the choice (mistake?) to tell my boyfriend that I was going to try and have the first draft of my novel done by my birthday, which is in the beginning of March. He laughed, and then said, well, you better actually do it then! No procrastinating! Then I tried to allow myself some grace time and say that maybe I’ll make the deadline his birthday (which is two weeks later). Again, laughter and saying NO PROCRASTINATING!

Now I will have endless reminders from him to write like crazy until my birthday……oh geez.


4 Responses to “The Goal.”

  1. Sean Says:

    you’re in for it now. Happy writing, and don’t give up on it. Just try to write some every day. 🙂

  2. Dorothy Lynn Says:

    thanks! I actually have been writing some every day, and feeling like I might actually accomplish this! I’m sure it will be a very crappy first draft, but at least it will be done!

    • Sean Jarchow Says:

      Best piece of writing advice I received from online tips: “write crappy first drafts.” Although they used a different word than “crappy.” 😉

      • Dorothy Lynn Says:

        oh, it surely will be crappy. very crappy. I just want to get some semblance of a story set in stone….but not literally set in stone because then it would take MUCH longer.

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