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“With our powers combined we are witty, stupid scumbags” February 3, 2013

The title today was a quote from my friend, while we were playing Settlers of Catan. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this game, it is very addicting and produces SO many horrible inside jokes and bad puns during the course of the game. The basic concept is that you try to build settlements and get points, and you do this by gaining and bargaining and trading in commodities like sheep, ore (or rock), wood, brick, and wheat.
That first quote came about because my friend John and his wife were trying to negotiate a trade, and the rest of us kept butting in on their conversation. He then proceeded (with the help of my roommate) to come up with the horrible pun, “This is an Alpha and Beta conversation, so Omega yourself scarce.”
Here are some more fun (and bad) quotes from our night of gaming:

“Friends, countrymen….Americans!”

-on making puns while trading sheep–“That was baaaaaad!” or “That was lamb.”

-Me: “I can say how are you in Quiche” John: “Hey, that’s what you made for breakfast the other day.” Me: “Actually, it IS spelled the same….Indigenous language of Guatemala or tasty egg tart?”

-Me: “80% of your Macbook is on the table.” (John freaks out about his Macbook being partially off the table, and the extreme cost of said macbook) Me: 90% of your macbook is on the table.

-“I’m not hispter, I’m just mature.”  (to which I replied that a hipster would definitely say that.)

-“I like it when you’re in a foreign country and NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (someone rolled a seven, which tends to cause chaos in the game)

And last but not least………”Dude, that mouse was rat-a-tat-tatting…..”

Ugh. Sometimes, language is horrible. And funny. Or horribly funny.


2 Responses to ““With our powers combined we are witty, stupid scumbags””

  1. chickborski Says:

    I FRICKIN’ LOVE THAT GAME! Especially roadlementing.

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