Write Me Up

Official writing with some random thoughts

Tomorrow… February 14, 2013

I am going to Toledo for my best friend’s birthday party that involves eating Indian food and ballroom dancing. It should be fun. Right now, I am sitting in my kitchen, waiting for laundry to be done, while wishing that I could just sleep. I am still not quite used to the whole teaching thing yet, and as I just started subbing for another teacher as well, my day is even longer. I’m not complaining because it is fun, but my body doesn’t quite like me right now.

Speaking of fun, today I remembered (too late, unfortunately) that the verb “coger” means something different in Central American Spanish than it does in Castilian (Spain) Spanish. That was fun today when my students were reading a fairy tale and simultaneously started giggling because I, like a good little Castellano, gave them a story written in Castilian that frequently used what was, to them, a cuss word. AWESOME. This is another reason why I love languages.


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