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A great article and a picture. February 16, 2013

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I read a really well-written and beautiful article today about my friend that was killed last week. It was so strange to read it, and remember all the places that they talked about–her favorite spot to play basketball, her church, her house. It was hard to read, and even harder to look at the beautiful picture of her that was taken on the day she died. But this article represents her so well, and the picture does even more. She was a beautiful young woman, and I only wish that I could be in Kake today as they honor her. Mack, I wish I could stay beside you tonight as your friends and family watch over your body.


Here is the article: http://www.capitalcityweekly.com/stories/021313/new_1099397749.shtml

And here is the wonderful picture. I honestly never saw her without this smile on her face.



2 Responses to “A great article and a picture.”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Time for the town of Kake to heal. Pray for her family & the other family involved. Mac would want that. 🙂

  2. chickborski Says:

    I’m so sorry, Dorothy. It sucks to lose a friend, especially a young friend. It’s cool to have such a beautiful picture to remind you of how awesome she was.

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