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Wednesday is for poets, like my friend Danielle! February 20, 2013

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She is an excellent poet. She has this quirky, amazing way with words that completely describes what she wants. I seriously wish sometimes that my words would display my personality the way that hers do, but then, she is a much more open person than I am. Or maybe I just see her in her poetry so much because she is one of my best friends. Anyway, here is a poem she posted on her blog.

Pages   By Danielle Zaborski

To me, you are a

blank page – dark eyes,

barely open, asking

with a gleam half-joy,

half fear, “Please

be my future.”


Oh, the pages of you

that I could fill, sitting

on a small back porch, warm

against your side, watching

the watercolor sunset melt

into a warm star quilt.


But please forgive me.

I am a selfish creature.

I am still so afraid of you,

and I can’t explain why

except with a question:

“How will you fill my pages?”

And here is a link to her blog. She is also a fantastic musician as well….seriously, you should hear her sing opera. It’s quite stunning.



One Response to “Wednesday is for poets, like my friend Danielle!”

  1. chickborski Says:

    Thank you so so SO much! You made me cry.

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