Write Me Up

Official writing with some random thoughts

A list February 25, 2013

as in….a listing of things, not a group of really well known actors….

1. I drove to Cincinatti (the Kentucky part) this weekend. That really only makes sense if you are from Ohio….that Cincinatti is also kind of in Kentucky….

2. I spent said weekend with 6,000 junior high students. And i had fun. NO WAY, right????

3. I sang a lot.

4. I sat in a parking lot a lot.

5. I ate quite a bit of junk food.

6. I braided a lot of hair.

7. I got a flat tire.

8. I changed the flat tire. Well, I got the jack under my car and loosened the lug nuts, and then a kind random guy stopped and finished the rest for me. But i really do know how to change a tire.

9. I then bought a new tire because I couldn’t drive two hours on the highway on a spare.

10. I slept on a couch.

11. I made about 5 dozen pancakes…at least.

12. I sang some more and played a cajoun….look it up.

13. I drove two more hours back home.

14. I took a three hour nap.

15. my boyfriend said that all my flat tire trouble happened because i didn’t tell him i was going to cincinatti, where he has friends that could have possibly helped me…..ha!


The end.


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