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bad. day. March 5, 2013

Filed under: General Blog-tastic Writings — Dorothy Lynn @ 4:58 pm

thanks, world, for stomping on my heart. you’re quite good at that, aren’t you. well, i defy you. my heart belongs to someone else. and He is much MUCH MUCH bigger than anything you can throw at me. so, world, keep hurling crap. because it hurts and it stinks, but you know what? i will be okay.


3 Responses to “bad. day.”

  1. poetjena Says:

    that defiant feeling can just feel so damn good on some days!!

    • jodijarchow Says:

      You will get through this, and I am glad you know that your heart belongs to someone else, and He will be your comfort. But I hope mom and dad can be some comfort to you too! Love you very much!

  2. poetjena Says:

    thank you!

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