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well… March 10, 2013

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…events of this week kind of demotivated me to finish my first draft. It’s about halfway done though, and way more organized than I ever anticipated I could get it.

From my post on Tuesday, one could probably infer that some bad crap happened. And it did. But the upside is that I have really REALLY awesome friends and family, and just community in general, and that even though I still feel kind of crappy, I smiled a LOT today. I got to see tons of my friends at my birthday party tonight, and everyone was just super nice and fantastic to me. It’s kind of silly that it took getting my heart broken in a horrible way to remind me how amazing of a support group I have.

So today, I am really thankful for everything that God has given me, even though I didn’t finish my writing goal yet, and even though the guy I loved turned out to be a completely different person than I thought, and even though my life is currently filled with all kinds of silly drama. God has given me TONS to be thankful for. And I am very grateful.

yup. that’s all.


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