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Friday is today, and it is a good one! March 29, 2013

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Being on vacation always makes me forget what day it is. Although it is easier to remember this week because it is Good Friday. Last night I went to a fun get-together to explain Easter traditions and meanings to some of our friends from other countries. It was a really neat time, and a really good reminder for me of what Easter is for. And to think, I almost didn’t go last night because I was worried about possibly running into someone I didn’t want to see….thankfully, I have some really amazing friends who convinced me to go. So, thanks Haley and Amir for not letting me chicken out!

And since it is Friday, here is a foto!!! And it is actually a new one! And why do I keep starting my sentences with and??????

I took this about a week ago at Dawes Arboretum. It is kind of a sad picture, but also really beautiful.

summer leftovers


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