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How futbol saved my sanity. April 2, 2013

For some reason or another, my students simply can’t remember the difference between countries and continents, or their locations. If you were sitting in on my class today, this is the conversation you would have heard, in a strange mashed up mix of English and Spanish, which I will translate (mostly) here for your convenience.

Me: Okay, so we just spelled South America. Now what are some countries in South America?

Students: Asia!

Me: No, Asia is a continent. So is South America. What are some COUNTRIES?

Students: South America!

Me: Again, that is a continent. I am asking for countries. PAISES!(countries in spanish)

Students: Oh! Africa!

Me: AGHHHHHHH!(I didn’t really say that but it almost came out) Africa is a CONTINENT! NOT a country. Name one country in South America. Just one!

Students: France?

Student Aid: (in Spanish) Guys, think about futbol. Where is Messi from?

Students: Oh! Argentina!

Student Aid: which is a country in….

Students: South America!

Me: YES! Now name some other countries you know…that have futbol teams.

Students: Brazil!


Thank you, futbol, for making my students realize that geography does exist and countries are NOT continents. To top it all off, I was also being observed today by a graduate student, so he was sitting in the back trying  not to crack up laughing. What makes this even more frustrating/entertaining is that yesterday in class I spent nearly the entire period going through the world map explaining countries and continents, and they have studied it for about a month in their other English class. Yeah, teenagers…..


*Note: this futbol trick also worked for Europe! As in: “What country has Barca and Real Madrid?”


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