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GRARRRRGH. April 9, 2013

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(that’s my pirate frustration noise)


I just love days when I have time to write, but no motivation to write. (Sarcasm, of course)


I mean, I did a couple hundred words, but I just want to be done with this darn draft already, because hang it all, i actually like editing and revising!


On a completely unrelated topic, my roommate and I are driving to Alaska this summer. Yeah, you read that correctly. Driving to Alaska…

Actually, we are driving to Vancouver, Canada, then taking a ferry to Juneau, so we are boating part of the way I guess. It is going to be an eventful summer!

A very helpful (and somewhat snide) sign


3 Responses to “GRARRRRGH.”

  1. chickborski Says:

    You know you are in Canada when the signs spell “Kilometres.” You know, if you didn’t get the “Entering Canada” thing.

  2. chickborski Says:

    And I’m jealous you’re going to Alaska.

  3. poetjena Says:

    Sounds like a cool trip… I’m envious!
    I’m sure it will be inspiring!

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